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Montgomery County, Bucks County & Delaware County PA
Therapist Services in Ambler, Doylestown, Wayne & Springhouse PA
If you are struggling or feeling alone during this stressful time, you are not alone, reach out for help today. We will listen carefully to your concerns and assist you in finding a therapist who will help you create a path forward.

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Integrative Nutrition
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Counseling you can depend on.
We offer a wide variety of services to ensure any or all of your needs are met. Our experienced counselors cover a wide range of expertise to provide the assistance you need.
Areas of Expertise
Women’s Issues
With an all-female team who intuitively understand the intricacies of mental health as it intersects with navigating the world as a woman, we are ready to provide support for your gender-specific experiences. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, sexual trauma, birth and pregnancy difficulties, body image issues, and more.
Whether you’re at the beginning of your healing journey or somewhere in the middle, our team is equipped to meet you where you’re at with trauma-informed counseling, strengths-based approaches, and an emphasis on stress reduction in your daily life. We know that PTSD, no matter the source, is pervasive and oftentimes debilitating, and we will work with you to reduce the power that trauma may hold over your thoughts and actions.
At Ambler Counseling, we understand that anxiety is more than daily nervousness or worries; at its worst, it can prevent you from taking steps forward in your career, family, and personal life, and our team is prepared to navigate these obstacles with you as we develop methods for you to cope with, and even overcome, anxiety, through the mind-body connection.
Whether you’re experiencing depression for the first time or are looking to find new therapeutic approaches for longer-term depression, we are equipped to walk the journey with you. Our team specializes in holistic, evidence-based, and mindfulness-centered approaches to help you diminish symptoms such as lethargy, lack of motivation, and feelings of isolation and anxiety.
LGBTQIA Informed Care
If you identify on any aspect of the gender and sexuality spectrums, you have found the therapy practice for you. It is our priority to provide inclusive and well-informed therapy to our clients whose sexual and gender identities influence their family lives, self esteem, and overall mental health, in addition to other factors. With an ethic of radical acceptance and openness, you can be sure that all aspects of you will be welcomed with open arms at Ambler Counseling.
Teen Issues
We understand that entering therapy as a teenager can be a daunting and oftentimes intimidating experience. With informed care, our team is prepared to meet teenage clients where they are at and help them navigate troubles at home, school, and within themselves, as they learn coping mechanisms and skills for self-awareness, which they can utilize in the next stage of their life and beyond. Check out our For Teens page to learn more!
Blended Families
We know that introducing new family dynamics in the midst of your child’s life can be greatly taxing on the family, particularly when there is a lack of clear boundaries, communication, and acceptance. Through specialized care surrounding internal family systems, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, and psychodynamic theory, we are ready and able to help your family ease into, or find, a new normal.
A loss, whether sudden or expected, will undoubtedly weigh heavily on your mind and stir feelings of hopelessness, rage, depression, and anxiety, among other things. At Ambler Counseling, we understand that a strong therapeutic relationship is a necessary component of life after loss, and we are prepared to provide that for you in a time of severe upheaval in your life.
Private Practice Coaching
Starting your own Private Practice can be exciting! You could have the freedom and flexibility that you’ve always wanted to do things your way. Everything from working with your clients to setting your own business goals and personal schedule. But, along with this freedom and flexibility, comes a unique set of challenges. Ambler Counseling Center has experts in the business side of private practice along with the ability to help you blend business with counseling.
Relationship/Marital Conflicts
Over time, it’s not unusual for individual mental illness, family issues, and unforeseen financial circumstances, just to name a few factors, to weigh on even the best relationship or marriage. Our team is excited to work with you and your partner as you navigate these challenges, and to help you develop new methods of communicating, honoring one another’s perspectives, and growing through life in harmony together.
Disordered Eating
We understand that the vast majority of us will, at some point, struggle with disordered eating, body image and self-esteem issues, or the desire to escape restrictive dieting cycles. Our team of therapists is excited to work with you, no matter your age, gender, or background, on bettering your relationship with your physical and mental health through intuitive approaches which target the root causes of your relationship with your body, and not merely the surface.
Integrative Nutrition
In addition to disordered eating recovery, we are excited to provide expertise in the area of integrative nutrition and food as a means to healing the body and mind. By utilizing the mind-body connection within the context of your personal health, diet history, and mental health goals, our health coaches can help you re-establish your relationship with food so that it no longer rules you, but instead functions as a tool which benefits your overall health. We know that for many of us, disordered eating has implications far beyond our diets; over time, it may become the loudest voice in your head, determining every decision you make when it comes to friends, family, and yourself.

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