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ADHD Coach

Getting Clear
Address: 161 Mechanics St., Doylestown, PA
Professional Category:
First Name: Linda
Last Name: Anderson
Degree: MA
Credentials: MCC, SCAC
Credentials Issued By: International Coach Federation, Institute for the Advancement of ADHD Coaching
Long Business Description:

I work with ADHD adults in their professional, business, academic and personal lives to overcome typical ADHD challenges and achieve goals. My clients are looking for tools and strategies to improve organization and prioritize tasks. They want to improve relations at work and at home. They want to implement healthy life strategies to accomplish what they know they are capable of accomplishing, while managing their ADHD with greater understanding.

Having been a coach for 22+ years, I know my coaching clients want more balance in life, peace of mind, and they want to change that negative inner critic into an objective and supportive voice. I love helping people transform negative self-judgments into objective, even supportive, thoughts and from this place step into different behaviors and actions that create desired change.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 215-230-7315
State: PA
Groups Served: Age over 18 – Adult
Conditions: ADD/ADHD
Services Offered: Coaching, Time Management, Organizational Skills, Other Please Specify (See Bus. Description Field)
Health Insurance: No
Robin Tate MA, MS -Neurodiverse Life Coach (ADHD/ASD) -Neurodiverse Couples Coach
Address: PO Box 446
Hatfield, PA 19440
Professional Category:
First Name: Robin
Last Name: Tate
Degree: Masters of Science in Reading and Masters of Arts in Counseling
Credentials: MA, MS Also completed Coach Training with AANE AsperCoach/ Neurodiverse Couples Coach, PEERS Young Adult Certified Provider and currently enrolled with JST Coaching Training.
Credentials Issued By: Gwynedd Mercy University ,Missio Seminary, AANE, The Peter M. Friedman Neurodiverse Institute, UCLA PEERS and Currently participating in JST Training toward ICF credentialling.
Long Business Description:

As a Coach, Robin understands the impacts of living with ADHD and an Asperger Profile in a primarily neurotypical world. Robin provides a client-centered, strength-based approach to working through obstacles and solving challenges that are related to ADHD/ an Asperger Profile. Often a person’s struggles are rooted in their neurological differences which impact communication, executive function, and/or sensory regulation. Robin provides individualized coaching services to persons displaying an ADHD and/or an Asperger Profile. She may also be hired to coach family members of an adult with an ADHD and/or an Asperger Profile, either together or separately.

Robin provides coaching services to people in neurodiverse marriages/relationships. In a neurodiverse relationship, one or both people identify as having an ADHD and/or an Asperger Profile. Robin uses strategies centered on understanding each person’s unique neurological perspective and provides skills to build communication and emotional intimacy. Robin meets with partners both together and individually to help them learn skills to bridge their neurological differences.

Robin has ten years of experience working in special education. Robin is a committed lifelong learner who has earned both a Masters of Arts in Counseling degree and a Masters of Science in Reading Education degree. Robin is trained through the Asperger/Autism Network (AANE) as an AsperCoach. She has received training in using AANE’s proven LifeMap Curriculum. Robin has completed Neurology Matters in Couples Counseling Training 101/102 and is certified by The Peter M. Friedman Neurodiverse Couples Institute to coach neurodiverse couples. Robin has participated in UCLA PEERS Young Adult training and is certified as a PEERS provider. Robin is currently participating in Training with JST Coaching Training and working toward ICF credentials. Robin easily collaborates with other professionals and family members to provide the most individual client-centered solutions to a variety of life challenges.

Robin provides coaching sessions in person (Greater Philadelphia Area) or via online video call (worldwide). She is meeting with clients virtually and in-person as needed.

Business Website Address: http/www/
Business Phone Number: 267-935-9032
State: Pennsylvania
Groups Served: Age over 18 – Adult, Elders/Seniors
Conditions: ADD/ADHD, Learning Differences
Services Offered: Social Skills Development, Coaching, Anger Management, Time Management, Organizational Skills, Other Please Specify (See Bus. Description Field)
Health Insurance: No