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Join our Local ADHD Professional Directory

If you wish to sign up for BuxMontCHADD’s free directory of Local ADHD professionals, Please the click the blue button below. Look for the “Create a Listing” button in the top right of the directory. Listings will be marked pending until they are reviewed by a BuxMont CHADD representative.

The Directory will open in a new website page, so you can still refer to the instructions below.

Create a professional listing

Please click on the bar above that says “Click Here to be Listed in BuxMont’s Local ADHD Professional Directory.”

A page will open in a new tab, so that you can still refer to these instructions.

Click on the button on the upper right side that reads “Create a listing”

Ignore any reference to a plan (see picture below), that message pertains to paid listing. Your listing is FREE!





Fill out the form beginning with Professional Category.

Please record the email address that you used to fill out the listing.

After completing the form scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Complete Listing;” an asterisk * indicates it is a mandatory field.

You will receive an email & the listing will be marked pending until a BuxMont CHADD administrator approves it. If you do not receive an email, please check your SPAM or Junk folder. 


Edit a professional listing

Go to the Professional Directory page link above, click on “Edit Listing” at the bottom of your listing

A new page will open, ignore the Login box on the left you will not use this

On the right side of the page you will see a box like this






Click on the link that reads:



Select “Continue.” You will be taken to a page that asks for your email address. Use the email associated with your listing.

An access key will be emailed to you, if you do not see it in your mailbox check your spam folder.

Return to the page where you requested the Access key (or select return to previous page in the email), (it will look like the picture above) and populate the Access Key box with the numbers only, it will look like this:


Be sure not to copy any letters, punctuation or spaces that may be near the number. (Please record this access key for future use).

Click “Use Access Key.” You will see your current listing, which can now be edited.

Edit the form and click on “Complete Listing” at the bottom of the page. The listing will go to pending until a BuxMont CHADD administrator approves it.


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