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About BuxMont CHADD

History of BuxMont CHADD

Based in Bucks and Montgomery County PA: BuxMont CHADD Serves Parents of Children with ADHD, Adults with ADHD and those who love them. 

In 2009, three moms of kids with ADHD had just received the news that the founder of their new ADHD support group had to step down and the group would close. These three moms wanted to continue to meet and learn about ADHD, so without knowing where to start, they became the founding members of a new CHADD group, Elkins Park CHADD.  A short time later, Larry Maltin called to say that his 8 year old granddaughter had been recently diagnosed with ADHD, and as he learned more about ADHD he wanted to get involved, as a meaningful activity in his approaching retirement. Larry brought his organizational background as a retired CEO and created a strong program of monthly speakers for parents of kids with ADHD.

In 2011, based on requests by adults with ADHD, we introduced a monthly program for adults with ADHD with a mix of speakers and discussion. We figured we’d give it a try and see if there was enough interest. With the increased awareness of adult ADHD we have an active group. meetings for Parents of A few years later, (now Board member) Baylie Sapprir  began a casual social group for adults with ADHD for adults who wanted more time just to talk ad get to know the other members.

Although centered mostly in Montgomery County at the time, in 2016 we recognized the need for ADHD support in Bucks County. We changed our name to BuxMont CHADD, to reflect our broader area of support. Last year we welcomed ADHD coach Agnes M. Green to our Board, including her existing monthly discussion meetings in our activities, as Bucks County Adult ADHD support group. 

In the last year we’ve been extending our community outreach from local fairs to educational and mental health events.


Support Groups

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Our Services

BuxMont CHADD offers monthly informative sessions for parents with presentations by expert speakers. The group also adds supportive conversations between parents of children with ADHD. Parents speaking with other parents is a valued asset to helping parents curb the loneliness and helplessness of the ADHD journey.

A separate adult’s group features speakers or round table discussions to share and discuss concerns and strategies for living and thriving as an adult with ADHD.

Topics at our meetings cut across the most critical domains of development for persons with ADHD. Professional treatment, including medications, school and available support, home environment, social relationships and the workplace. In addition to providing speakers who have the latest information in each of these areas for parents and adults, we also hold monthly social and support group meetings that allow conversations between parents and adults with ADHD in a safe and supportive environment. See our Calendar of Events for upcoming speaker meetings and support/social groups for ADHD in Bucks and Montgomery County PA.

As part of its Information, Education and Support Services to the ADHD community in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, BuxMont CHADD maintains an online Professional Resource Directory (PRD) of area professionals who have indicated they provide services for families and individuals living with ADHD. 

Benefits of Attending a CHADD Meeting

Our meetings give people with ADHD the opportunity to be with other people who understand the impact of ADHD on your life. Sometimes we just need to be heard, or to relay our frustration without being judged.

The atmosphere of honesty at our meetings is very refreshing. Some aspects of the ADHD journey are predictable, and we can help prepare you for the next stage.

Members share their experiences with local professionals and can make recommendations. CHADD does not endorse any specific professional or service.  

More About our Services

    More About our Services

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